I have been fishing with Chad for about 20 years now. Hands down, he is the most knowledgeable guide on the Big Horn! Chad has a tireless work ethic and is dedicated to making sure his clients have the best day possible on the river. He is also an excellent fly tyer and always seems to have the "secret" fly in his box. I can wholeheartedly recommend him to both the novice and the expert fly fisher.
Kim Westmorland, Winston Salem
I have fly fished for over 50 years, from Alaska to Florida and a half dozen states in between. I have had my share of guides. I’ve enjoyed many of them - some much more - or less -than others. I’ve always maintained the best guide is one who helps you learn and preform in a way that creates a positive memorable experience. Too often I have found - young or old - that the guide forgets they are in the “hospitality” business. Failing to have the patience or compassion to remind themselves that their client is often fishing "new water - in new ways” - which is why they HIRED a guide. I have seen it around me as well as felt it first person. The guide is a priceless investment if the situation is handled correctly and professionally - and a waste of time and money if they fail to do their job as an “educator”. A great guide, in my opinion, can make a trip of a lifetime - or easily ruin one.

Which brings me to Chad Pavlick. I met and fished with him over a period of several years on the Bighorn River in Montana. I have fished that river for 34 years. What I noticed immediately with him was how adaptable he was in assessing the “feel” of fishing skills and expectations for me and my fishing partner in the boat with me for the day.

He is a true pro ! He will make you comfortable from the morning handshake.. he is extremely patient and very clear in his direction for fishing methods and technics - and very realistic in his expectations. He always made myself - and whom ever was fishing with me on a given day - feel unhurried and carefully worked to make our experience memorable while feeling good about ourselves. He can adapt to the level and style of his clients to work within their “experience level and skill set” with never a hint of intimidation or frustration. His personality is very soothing and subtle - while still being informative,encouraging and educational.

Chad, in my opinion, is everything one would ever want a guide to be. Great boat handling skills - great attention to details of comfort - safety - food etc of his clients. He clearly has the fishing knowledge of the waters he fishes and can share them effectively with any level of angler - making them fulfill the goal of having the best day they are capable of. He always has an eye on you for anything you need..from advice - to being ready with the net when you bring in the fish. You can learn a great deal from him if you choose to. You may, however, be having too much fun to realize how much you’re learning !

You will quickly feel like his guest - not his client. By the 2nd day I fished with him, it felt like I was fishing with an old friend. Being the consummate guide is not what he does..it’s who he IS.

I don’t venture west much these days..but if I ever do - I would go to great lengths to spend my guided hours with Chad.. Fish with him - if you are fortunate enough to - and you’ll understand why.
John Beth
"Look no further that Chad Pavlick to provide you with a fly fishing experience you will not soon forget. I've fished with Chad for ten or more seasons on the Bighorn River. He is a consummate professional, hard working, easy going, extremely knowledgeable, patient, and a great teacher. Whatever it takes, Chad will put you and keep you on fish. And, you'll have a great time doing it." oo
John Daugirda, PA
I have been fishing with Chad for more than 10 years. Put simply. He is the best. He knows every inch of the Big Horn and will put you on fish whether they are biting or not. If you are planning a multiple boat outing or just you and a guide, Chad is a totally reliable and trustworthy outfitter.
Gary Countryman Chairman Emeritus
Liberty Mutual Group
I've been fly fishing Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming waters for over 24 years. Simply put, never found a guide more knowledgable, patient or indefatigable than Chad. And he sure knows where the fish are! He's all about the day long effort- he likes to get his client out of the boat and search for "noses", fish to emerging trout, or have you swing a subsurface rig through a run -none of this endless, unimaginative drifting straight down river with a bobber. He looks for a challenge to himself and for his client. What more could you ask? Oh yeah, he can talk and he smiles too!
Tim Mccarthy, NY
My wife, myself, and both our sons, have floated and fished with Chad numerous times, over the last 6-7 years. We have been on the Big Horn, Yellowstone, and Stillwater. Chad has always been fun to spend a relaxing day with. He gets us on the fish fast, and have always enjoyed fantastic fishing and his expert guiding. Great lunches also, sometimes even his super good homemade Chili! His patience, knowledge of the water, and what will be the best flies to use, are greatly appreciated. We learn more about fishing technique, with each trip. We truly look forward to "hitting the water" with him, although a gentle cast would be better! We can't wait for Spring run off, to get out and play, catch fish and enjoy the great Montana scenery! What else can I say....it IS a great privilege to fish with the BEST Guide in Montana!!! Thank you Chad!
Dr. Larry Erpenbach, MT